April Garcia
makeup artist

IATSE Local 798


A multidimensional artist with a thirst for acquiring new skills. Professionally trained in clean beauty, glamour, mens grooming, special effects and cosmetology.  Take a look at what I offer, and let me know if you have any questions and contact me HERE.

This page is updated frequently with my most recent work in Film, SFX, Music Video and Print. Please see my individual portfolios for more specific work.

Macy's - commercial

Makeup & Hair by April Garcia and Raquel Reis


Makeup & Hair by April Garcia

Styling by Cyrus Nazari
Photos by Gabriel Mendoza Weiss


Makeup & Hair for panelist and guest by April Garcia

Makeup & Hair for Patti Harrison by Kirsten Coleman

Press- Andrekza

Makeup by April Garcia
Hair by Jefferson T

Day I DIE (music Video)- deathbyromy

Directed by PIX3LFACE
DP Sassy Sea Monster

Makeup & Hair by April Garcia

Styling by Damien Lloyd
Photos by Juliet Wolf


Directed by Blake Vaz

Makeup by April Garcia


Directed by Sebas Coto

Makeup by April Garcia

Hair by Jefferson Tangradi
Styling by Adridekilla

Happy Endings (MUSIC VIDEO) - Mike Shinoda, Upsahl, Iann Dior

Directed by PIX3LFACE

Grooming for Mike Shinoda & Iann Dior by April Garcia
Makeup on Upsahl by Jenna Nelson


Directed by Salomon Ligthelm

Makeup on Samantha Logan by April Garcia

Mens Grooming on Giveon by Esther Foster

Turbotax live commercial

Produced by Sharability

Makeup & Hair by April Garcia

Sling TV commercial for Olympics 2020 

Produced by Twinfolk Creative

Makeup by April Garcia

"Tears FOR Breakfast"

Makeup & Hair by April Garcia

Model: Taliha Abdiel

Photos by ROUGE

60's INSPIRED Photography session  

Makeup & Hair by April Garcia

Model: Brie Dehoyos

Photos by ROUGE

Fine Art Photography session  (bodypaint)

Makeup by April Garcia

Modeled by Hanz Dannelly

Photos by Zack Zublena