Local 798 Makeup Artist

APRIL GARCIA -is New Jersey born and raised, but has been living between Phoenix and Los Angeles for over 18 years. Currently living in Atlanta and frequently traveling for work.


   April began in the hair and makeup industry in 2011 obtaining a Cosmetology license the following year. She started in a beauty salon, worked for several bridal companies, photo studios, makeup counters and everywhere in between before landing in film/tv work.

  Some notable achievements include working on shows for Bravo!, CNBC, Netflix and MTV.

   April can achieve beautiful glam looks and at the same time do natural HD no makeup makeup. She loves horror and SFX, and enjoys doing character and period work.

    April is dedicated and driven and bring passion to every project she is on, You can always see her smiling and making the talent feel comfortable in my chair.

Skills Include:

Natural/HD Makeup

SFX Injuries & Illness 


Body/Face Paint

Prosthetic Application

Hand Laid Facial Hair Application


*Incorporated - can be hired as an S-Corp/contractor or as W2 Employee

State Board Licensed for 10 years in Cosmetology in California and Georgia


Also Certified through makeup training at E.I School of Professional Makeup, Hollywood

With the current conditions of Covid-19, I am highly dedicated to keeping talent safe on set with keeping up on current education and extra sanitation .

Find our more about what the SterileLight does for my makeup and tools here



 Production       Director/Company         Position



Hands Off My Father                   Tamar Halpern              Makeup Dept. Head

Popular Theory                            Ali Scher                       Makeup Dept. Head

L.U.N.A                                          Blake Vaz                      Key Makeup/Hair

Curse of the Clown Motel            Lance Kawas                 Makeup Artist/ Hair

Reflections                                   Marco Bazzi                  Key Makeup/SFX

Scarecrows vs Zombies               Bob Wasson                  Key Makeup/Hair

In The Mirrors                               Merlin Camozzi             MUA/SFX

Timecrafters                                 Rick Spalla                    Makeup Dept. Head 

It Wants Blood                              James Balsamo            MUA/SFX

Underneath The Same Moon        Bob Wasson                 Key MUA/Hair 

Limbo                                            Mark Young                    Key MUA/Hair

Nation of The Third Eye                Octavio Mora                 Creature Makeup

Between the Darkness                  Andres Rovira                Makeup Dept. Head

Get Married or Die                         Michael S. Feinstein      Asst. MUA & Hair



The Secret Life of Amy Bensen (S1 & 2)  Passionflix       Makeup Dept. Head

The UnXplained  (segment Season 4)    History              Makeup Artist

OWN Your Health (segment)                   OWN                  Makeup Artist

Attack of the Show (segment)                G4                     Makeup Artist

PsBattles Live                                         Reddit               Makeup Artist

Listing Impossible                                  CNBC                 2nd MUA & Hair

Haunted-Season 2                                 Netflix               Assistant MUA

The Hills: New Beginnings                     MTV                   Assistant MUA  

Botched- Season 5                                 E                       Assistant MUA

Unanchored- Season 1                           Bravo                 2nd MUA & Hair

The Oil Fund- Season 1 (one episode)   Harold Zwart     Episode MUA/Hair 

The IGN Show- Season 1 Episode 6       Disney XD          Segment MUA/Hair

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone- Season 2   THT Russia        Assistant MUA & Hair



Mircosoft Azure                                       Paragon Creative    Makeup

Pecto Holiday Special                            Facebook Live          Makeup

Sephora x Popsugar                               Group Nine Media    Makeup

Shapermint Shapewear                          Powertale Prod.        Makeup

Macy's x Popsugar                                  Group Nine Media    Makeup

Clover Contactless Payments                Beverly Boy Prod.    Makeup

Roku Testimonials                                   Beverly Boy Prod.    Makeup

Sling TV- Summer Games Advert 2020   Twinfolk Creative     Makeup

Turbotax Live                                            Shareablility           Makeup

Gobble Meal Delivery- Social Media       Twinfolk                   Makeup

I Heart Radio- Oculus Christmas            Pitch 5                     Makeup/SFX

I Am an Immigrant Campaign                  Leon Davis              Asst. MUA

Urbanflix- Dance Commercial                 Herb Kimble            MUA Dept Head

MAGIC Mythic Champion  Broadcast       NCompass              Assist. MUA

Empower Bank                                          Brandon Tyson            MUA

Liveyon                                                     James Bizzacco           MUA/Hair

Shareablity- Cricket Wireless                 Joel Bergvall               MUA

Health Class -Jonny Bowden                 Alisa  Dudareva           MUA            

YES MA'AM                                                Laganga Estranga      MUA

Sitting Thai Chi                                        Michael Pierce              MUA/Hair

Celgene Pharmaceuticals                       Peter Sasowsky            MUA/Hair

Coca Cola & Regal Cinemas                    Merlin Camozzi             MUA/Hair

Balance Treatment Center                      Studiio Box                    MUA/Hair

Pantene Pro V - Repair & Protect            Born Ready Films         MUA/Hair

inHaus Realty Promos                            CAPPo Creative             MUA/Hair

IGN- Live Streaming Broadcast of E3      IGN/ Paragon Creative  MUA/Hair

Socket Roll Advertisement Campaign     CAY Industries             MUA/Hair

Eli Roth BTS- Dark Souls III                     Gamespot  Assistant   MUA/Hair

Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness  ONF                               MUA



Cyrus Nazari                    Lookbook  2021                                         MUA & Hair

University Credit Union   Website Re-Branding Launch                  MUA & Hair

Hustler Hollywood           Valentine's Day 2018 Promo                        Hair 

Hustler Hollywood           Holiday 2017 Promo                                     Hair

She's Complete Boutique  Website Launch                                         Makeup 

Boy Girl Stuff                    Lookbook & Alter Ego Collection 2018      MUA & Hair

Hustler Hollywood           Halloween 2017 Collection                          Hair 

Hustler Hollywood           Summer 2017 Collection                              Hair 

Trashy Lingerie                Various Collections and Pink Campaign  MUA & Hair 

Trashy Lingerie               Amsterdam & Simona Collection                 Makeup 

Usama Istay                    Dark Temptation SS17 Collection              MUA & Hair

Sweat Shop Junkies        Holiday Collection                                      Makeup

Factionem                        Women's T Shirts                                        Makeup

Principle Denim               Winter 2016                                                  Makeup



Melissa Etheridge- As Cool As You Try                          HMU for Melissa

Giveon- Heartbreak Anniversary  Saloman Ligthelm    Makeup for Sam Logan

Kat Dalhia- Tranquilo                   Not For Sale Prod.      Makeup 

Lil Lotus- Romantic Disaster         Pix3lface                   SFX

Mike Shinoda- Happy Endings      Pix3lface               Mens Gooming

Andrekza- Tom y Jerry                  Sebastian Coto     Makeup

5FDP -Living the Dream                 Nick Peterson        Makeup & SFX

Jesse McCartney- Yours               Nick Peterson        Mens Grooming 

Steve Aoki/ Global Dan- Halfway Dead  P1X3LFACE    Makeup

Ade- Don't Cry                                  Spencer Hord       Makeup

Galxara & Saweetie - Sway with Me  Mike Ho               Makeup

Galxara- Jealous of Myself             Spencer Hord       Makeup

Marieme- Leave                                Jacob Sacks         Makeup

Madison Beer- Good in Goodbye      Kyle  Cogan          Body Double Hair/MU

Hether- When You Loved Me            Alex Lill                 Hair & Wig Styling

Bad Wolves- Sober                           Nick Peterson       HMUA & Hair

Stephen Bishop- Like Mother...         Bill FIshman        SFX & Beauty Hair/MUA

Kill Paris- Fizzy Lifting Drink           Brad Wong             SFX Makeup

Hyphen Hyphen w/Kiiara- Lonely Baby   Pix3lface     Band and Dancers MUA

SIXX:AM- Talk to Me                      Nick Peterson      Featured Talent Hair & MU

Jamie Alimorad- Not Ready To Say Goodbye              Hair/MUA

Robinson- Medicine                      Morgan Gruer     Featured Talent Hair & MU

Phoebe Bridgers- Scott Street          Alex Lill                Wig Styling

Senses Fail- Elevator to the Gallows  John Mark          Grooming

Liz Brennan- Silver Chains               Bill Fishman         Hair/MUA/SFX

The Smashing Pumpkins- Solara     Nick Koenig           Hair Stylist

Against The Current- Strangers Again   Kyle Cogan    Hair Stylist

Dani Cohn- Lights Camera Action    Upper Lav Inc       Makeup & Hair

Al McCoy- Take a Break                    Two Rebels & a Gun       Makeup 

Jorge Blanco- Risky Business         Kyle Cogan            Makeup & Hair 

Bad Suns- Disappear Here              Kyle Cogan             Makeup & Hair 



2019  Nobleman Magazine                         Issue 9  & 11          Male Grooming

2107  Vents Magazine                                 August Issue        Makeup

2017  Tattooed Time Bomb                         July Issue             Makeup & Hair

2017  Xpressions                                        January Issue       Makeup & Hair

2017  QUOI                                                  Volume 2  & 4         Makeup & Hair



WIN- 2021 Antwerp International Film Festival- Enipheres: Best Hair, Makeup Design

NOM- 2017 Sutter Creek Film Fest October 2017

- It Happened Again Last Night: Best SFX Makeup

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