transfer tattoo
Stand Up to The Night
Tattoo provided by Lee Gren of Tinsley Transfers
character concept
hand drawn tattoo
hand drawn tattoo
hand drawn tattoo
It Happened Again Last Night
hand drawn wrist tattoos & tinsley transfer arm tattoos
photo by Chris Heck
Come Said the Night
Custom Tinsley Tattoo provided by Lee Gren

Applied by me
tattoo cover
Tattoo Coverage
Tattoo Cover
Tattoo Coverage
prop painting
prop mask and rotted version
gelatin novelty finger
casted, molded and painted.
Airbrush and Hand Painted Prop
Latex prop made by James Balsamo

Painted by me
for Cool As Hell 2
work on The Litch
Airbrush on latex mask props (masks by Director/SFX Artist James Balsamo)
5ft long wig custom made for music video
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